英文時間 / 肯塔基州最後一間墮胎診所面臨關閉

英文時間 / 肯塔基州最後一間墮胎診所面臨關閉


In the decades that Dr. Ernest Marshall has been performing abortions in Louisville, Kentucky, more than a dozen clinics have closed in the state. He is now in a legal fight with the governor that will decide whether Kentucky becomes the first state in the country with noabortion provider. The state government tried to close EMW Women’s 2)Surgical Centerin March over claims that the clinic, which Marshall founded in 1981, doesn’t have sufficient agreements with a local hospital and an3)ambulance service in case a patient needs to be 4)transferred.

恩尼斯馬歇爾醫師在肯塔基州路易維爾市執行墮胎手術已有數十年,州內十多間墮胎診所在這段期間陸續關閉。他現正與州長打官司,這宗訴訟將決定肯塔基州是否成為全美第一個沒有墮胎診所的州。州政府3 月時欲關閉馬歇爾於1981年開設的EMW 婦產外科中心,所持理由是該中心未與當地醫院與救護車業者達成妥善的病人轉診協議。

Kentucky’s 5)pro-life Gov. Matt Bevin defends the licensing requirements as important for protecting women if a medical emergency occurs. Another new rule requires that doctors perform an 6)ultrasound and describe the 7)fetus to women seeking abortion. The clinic has responded with a federal lawsuit arguing that the licensing requirements lack any medical purpose and place an unconstitutional limit on women seeking abortions. The case, which went to trial Wednesday in Louisville, is being closely watched by both sides in the abortion 8)debate.


In recent years, conservative state governments across the U.S. have passed many laws and regulations that have made it increasingly difficult for abortion providers to stay in business. Kentucky is one of seven states—including North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Mississippi, Wyoming and West Virginia—that have just one abortion clinic left. 9)Pro-choice supporters of the EMW clinic see Gov. Bevin’s actions as part of an effort by pro-lifers to limit women’s access to the 10)procedure, which has been legal nationwide since the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. (September 9)

近年來,美國各地的保守州政府已通過許多法律和規定,使墮胎診所越來越難繼續經營。肯塔基州在內的七個州(其他包括北達科他州、南達科他州、密蘇里州、密西西比州、懷俄明州和西維吉尼亞州)只剩下一間墮胎診所。EMW 診所的墮胎支持者認為,貝文州長所提出的訴訟,是反墮胎支持者為了限制婦女墮胎而採取的行動。自1973 年聯邦最高法院裁定羅氏告韋德案後,全美墮胎程序已合法。(9 月 9 日)

1) abortion [4`b7r] 4n] (n.) 墮胎,流產
Do you suppor t a woman’s right to have an abortion?
2) surgical [`s-d.6k4l ] (a.) 外科的。「外科,外科手術」為surgery [`s-d. 4rI],「外科醫生」為surgeon [`s – d. 4n]
The doctor asked the nurse to prepare the surgical instruments.
3) ambulance [`1mbj4l 4 ns] (n.) 救護車
When you hear an ambulance coming, you should pull over and let it pass.
4) transfer [t r 1n s`f – ] (v.) 轉送他處,調動
The patient was transferred to a larger hospital for treatment.
5) pro-life [´pro` l a 6 f ] (a.) 反對墮胎的委婉詞
Many Christians have pro -life views.
6) ultrasound [`9 l tr4 ´s a 8 nd] (n.) 超音波
The doctor used ultrasound to check the health of the fetus.
7) fetus [`fit4s] (n.) 胎,(三個月後的)胎兒
The doctor told the woman that her fetus was healthy.
8) debate [d6`bet] (n./v.) 辯論,爭論
Which side are you on in the global warming debate?
9) pro-choice [´p ro`t] 7 6 s] (a.) 主張墮胎合法的委婉詞
Most of the people in my family are pro-choice.
10) procedure [p r4`s id. 0] (n.) 醫療程序,手術
Liposuction is a simple and safe procedure.

Roe vs. Wade 羅氏告韋德案
1973 年,化名Jane Roe 的懷孕婦女控告當時德州達拉斯的司法長官Henry Wade,因為Jane Roe 意外懷孕,但在德州不能合法墮胎,轉向地下診所求助,卻發現診所已被查封。她指控德州法律對墮胎的限制,侵犯了她的隱私權。這項訴訟最後打到聯邦最高法院,最後承認婦女的墮胎權受到美國憲法保障。該判決至今仍頗受爭議。


● In Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution.
● The right to abortion gives women control over their own bodies.


● Many believe that a fetus is not a person, and doesn’t have rights.
● Access to legal abortions reduces the injuries and deaths caused by illegal abortions.
● Modern abortion procedures are safe and don’t cause any lasting health issues.
● Abortion gives women the choice not to give birth to babies with severe birth defects.
● Allowing abortions can help reduce welfare spending.


●Killing human beings is wrong, even if they haven’t been born yet.
● Life begins at conception, and all humans have a right to life.
● Some research shows that fetuses feel pain during an abortion.
● In some religions, abortion is considered a sin.
●● Some studies show that abortions cause psychological damage to women.

●● With legal abortion, fewer babies are available for couples who want to adopt.
●● Legal abortion encourages women to use abortion as contraception.

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