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  • 代表性的百老匯劇院Iconic Broadway Theaters

    2 十一月 2017 EZ叢書館



    Ever since theaters began moving north from Union Square and Madison Square in the early 20th century, the area around Times Square has been home to Manhattan’s Theater District.
    While the 41 theaters that make up the Theater District are called “Broadway theaters,” only four of them are actually on Broadway—the 2)Marquis, the Palace, the Winter Garden and the Broadway. The rest of these theaters are
    located in the area from West 41st Street to West 54th Street, between 6th Ave. and 8th Ave., with one 3)exception—the Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center on West 65th. In addition to Broadway theaters, which must have 500 or more seats, there are also 4)numerous LG Off-Broadway (100-499 seats) and Off-Off-Broadway(under 100 seats) theaters all over New York. You probably won’t have time to visit all of Broadway’s theaters on a trip to the city, so following are some of the most iconic:

    1) iconic [a6`k3n6k] (a.) 代表性的,經典的
    2) marquis [m3r`ki] (n.) 侯爵
    3) exception [6k`s5p]4n] (n.) 例外
    4) numerous [`num4r4s] (a.) 為數眾多的
    5) lyceum [la6`si4m] (n.)(法文)演講廳
    6) architect [`3rk4´t5kt] (n.) 建築師;architecture
    [`3rk4´t5ktS0] 為名詞,指「建築,建築學」
    7) façade [fE`s3d] (n.)(建築物的)正面,外觀
    8) interior [6n`t6ri0] (n.) 內部
    9) declare [d6`kl5r] (v.) 宣告,宣布
    10) landmark [`lAnd´mark] (n.) 地標,名勝
    11) convert (into) [k4n`v-t] (v.) 改變形態、用途
    12) depression [dI`pr5]En] (n.) 不景氣,蕭條
    13) decline [d6`kla6n] (v./n.) 衰退,下跌
    14) take over [tek `ov0] (phr.) 佔據,接管
    15) restore [rI`stor] (v.) 復原,修復

    自20 世紀早期劇院開始從聯合廣場和麥迪遜廣場往北遷移以來,時代廣場一帶一直是曼哈頓劇院區的所在地。劇院區有41 座劇院,這些劇院雖稱為「百老匯劇院」,但實際上只有四座位在百老匯街,分別是侯爵劇院、宮殿劇院、冬季花園劇院和百老匯劇院。其餘劇院位在第六大道和第八大道之間的西41 街到西54街之間,此外還有一座是維維安博蒙特劇院,位在西65 街上的林肯中心。百老匯劇院的座位一定有500 個以上,紐約各地也有不少外百老匯(100 到499 個座位)和超外百老匯(不到100 個座位)劇院。到紐約旅遊時,或許沒有時間參觀所有百老匯劇院,那麼可以先參觀以下幾座最具代表性的劇院:

    New Amsterdam Theatre

    Established in 1903 on West 42nd Street, the New Amsterdam—along with the 5)Lyceum and the Hudson (which just reopened in 2017)— is one of the oldest surviving Broadway theaters.
    The building was designed by 6)architects Herts & Tallant with a LG Beaux-Arts 7)façade and LG Art Nouveau 8)interior, both of which have been 9)declared New York City 10)landmarks. The theater was home to the Ziegfeld Follies in its early years, but was 11)converted into a movie palace during the Great 12)Depression, since showing films was much cheaper. After a long 13)decline, the New Amsterdam was finally 14)taken over and 15)restored by the Walt Disney Company in the 1990s. Since then, the theater has hosted many of Disney’s biggest Broadway hits, including The Lion King , Mary Poppins and Aladdin .


    1903年在西42街興建的新阿姆斯特丹劇院,跟蘭心劇院和哈德遜劇院一樣,都是百老匯現存最古老的劇院,其中哈德遜劇院剛於2017年重新開幕。這座建築是由建築師哈茲和塔倫設計,外觀是布雜藝術風格,內部是新藝術風格,兩者被列為紐約市地標。早期齊格飛歌舞團在這座劇院駐場,但在經濟大蕭條時改裝為電影院,因為放映電影的成本便宜多了。經過長期的衰退,新阿姆斯特丹終於由迪士尼公司接手,在1990 年代整修。自那時候起,這座劇院演出許多迪士尼最賣座的百老匯劇,包括《獅子王》、《歡樂滿人間》和《阿拉丁》。

    Beaux-Arts 布雜藝術式
    又稱「學院派建築」或「美術風格建築」。19 世紀,舊王朝時期的法國美術學院設立「羅馬大獎」,贊助獲勝者去羅馬學習,因此美術學院派的建築深受羅馬風格影響,巴黎歌劇院(Opéra Garnier)即其代表作。
    Art Nouveau 新藝術派
    源於比利時,是一種流行於十九世紀末的藝術風格, 以自然花草、蟲鳥圖案為主,大量運用於建築裝飾。

    Lyceum Theatre

    Like the New Amsterdam, the Lyceum on West 45th was designed by Herts & Tallant in a Beaux-Arts style and opened in 1903. The 1)limestone façade, one of Broadway’s prettiest, is decorated with six 2)carved Greek columns rising from an unusual 3)wavy 4)marquee. The Lyceum was the first Broadway theater to be 5)granted landmark 6)status, and one of the few still operating under its original name. The first owner, producer David Frohman, had an apartment above the theater with a small door that offered a view of the stage below. The apartment now holds the Shubert 7)Archive, a collection of historic Broadway photographs, 8)costume and set designs, scripts and music.


    座落在西45 街的蘭心劇院,和新阿姆斯特丹劇院一樣,是由哈茲和塔倫設計的布雜藝術建築,在1903 年開幕。其石灰岩外觀屬百老匯最漂亮之一,以六根雕刻希臘柱子裝飾,屹立在獨特的波浪遮篷上。蘭心劇院是第一座獲得地標資格的百老匯劇院,也是少數以最初名稱營運的劇院之一。第一代老闆兼製作人大衛弗洛曼在劇院樓上有間公寓,有個小門可以俯瞰下方的舞台。那間公寓目前收藏著舒伯特公司(百老匯三大製作公司之一)檔案,收集了百老匯歷代照片、戲服、布景設計、劇本和音樂。

    Belasco Theatre

    Built for the famous producer and director David Belasco, the Belasco was named the Stuyvesant Theater when it first opened on West 44th in 1907. Because Belasco wanted audiences to feel like they were in their living room, he had the theater designed in the LG neo-Georgian style, which was often used for 9)townhouses. But the beautiful interior, with its LG Tiffany lights and ceiling 10)panels, rich wood and Everett Shinn 11)murals, was—and still is—much fancier than most people’s living rooms. Belasco himself lived in a two-level apartment above the theater, and it’s said that after he passed away his ghost 1 2 )haunted the building for decades—until being driven away by performances of the 13)nude musical Oh! Calcutta! in the 1970s.


    貝拉斯科劇院於1907 年在西44 街剛開始啟用時,名稱是司徒文森劇院,是為知名製作人兼導演大衛貝拉斯科建造。由於貝拉斯科希望觀眾擁有在自家客廳的感受,因此將劇院設計成新喬治亞風格,這類風格通常用於聯建住宅,但內部設計,包括蒂芙尼的燈飾和天花飾板、貴重木材和艾弗瑞特希恩壁畫,不論在當時或現在,都比大部分人家裡的客廳要豪華多了。貝拉斯科本人住在劇院樓上的兩層樓公寓,據說他過世後幾十年間,他的鬼魂仍經常在此出沒—直到1970 年代被裸體音樂劇《加爾哥答風情畫》的表演驅走。

    Palace Theatre

    Walking down Broadway, you may not even notice the Palace’s marquee among all the giant 14)billboards. But inside lies one of Broadway’s most historic theaters. Built in 1913 as a vaudeville performance 15)venue, the Palace soon became the top vaudeville theater in the country, hosting 16)big names like Al Jolson, Judy Garland and Bob Hope. For years, the biggest goal of every vaudeville performer was to “play the Palace.”
    Like the New Amsterdam, the Palace was turned into a movie theater in the 1930s. Since opening again as a Broadway theater in 1966 with the Neil Simon musical Sweet Charity , the Palace has been home to 17)long-running shows like La Cage aux Folles and Beauty and the Beast .

    走在百老匯街上,在琳瑯滿目的巨型廣告招牌下,你可能不會注意到宮殿劇院的遮篷,但這是百老匯歷史最悠久的劇院之一。宮殿劇院是在1913 年為了表演輕歌舞劇而興建,隨後變成全國頂尖的輕歌舞劇劇院,艾爾喬遜、茱蒂嘉蘭和鮑伯霍伯等知名演員曾在此表演。當時每位輕歌舞劇演員的最大目標就是「在宮殿劇院演出」。跟新阿姆斯特丹一樣, 宮殿劇院於1930 年代改為電影院。1966 年以百老匯劇院之姿重新啟用,以尼爾賽門編寫的音樂劇《生命的旋律》為開幕劇,此後宮殿劇院一直是《一籠傻鳥》和《美女與野獸》等票房長紅表演的所在地。

    1) limestone [`la6m´ston] (n.) 石灰岩
    2) carve [k3rv] (v.) 雕刻,切
    3) wavy [`wevi] (a.) 有波浪的,鬈曲的
    4) marquee [m3r`ki] (n.)(入口)遮篷,華蓋
    5) grant [gr1nt] (v.)(尤指正式或法律上)同意,准予
    6) status [`stAt4s] 地位,狀態,身份
    7) archive [`3rka6v] (n.) 檔案(館、庫),紀錄
    8) costume [`k3stum] (n.) 道具服,戲服,變裝服
    9) townhouse [`ta8n´ha8s] (n.) 多棟並排的兩層或以上透天住宅
    10) panel [`p1n4l] (n.) 鏡板,壁板
    11) mural [`mj8r4l] (n.) 壁畫
    12) haunt [h7nt] (v.)(鬼魂)出沒,(被鬼魂、心理陰影)糾纏
    13) nude [nud] (a./n.) 裸體(的)
    14) billboard [`b6l´bord] (n.) 廣告看板
    15) venue [`v5nju] (n.) 表演、運動比賽、會議等活動的場地
    16) big name [b6g nem] (n.) 名人,顯要
    17) long-running [`l7;´r9n6;] (a.)(戲劇等)持續上演很長時間的

    Winter Garden Theatre

    Originally built in 1896 as the American Horse Exchange, the Winter Garden was converted into a theater in 1911. The theater opened with the Jerome Kern musical La Belle Paree , which made an instant star out of Al Jolson. 1)Remodeled in 1922 by 2)legendary theater designer Herbert J. Krapp, the Winter Garden was redesigned again in 1982 for the 3)junkyard 4)setting of Cats. When the show closed 18 years later, the theater was restored to its 1920s 5)elegance. The Winter Garden’s 6)spacious 7)auditorium and stage have also made it a favored venue for other 8)large-scale musicals like West Side Story , Mama Mia! And School of Rock .


    冬季花園劇院在1896 年興建時,原本是美國馬匹交易所,後來在1911 年改成劇院,以傑羅姆柯恩的音樂劇《巴黎貴婦》為開幕劇,也讓艾爾喬遜一夕成名。1922 年由知名劇院設計師赫伯特柯拉普整修,1982 年該劇院為了《貓》一劇的垃圾場布景重新設計。這齣戲劇18 年後結束演出時,劇院又恢復到1920 年代的優雅風格。冬季花園寬敞的觀眾席和舞台也是《西城故事》、《媽媽咪呀!》和《搖滾校園》等大型音樂劇的最受歡迎場所。

    Richard Rodgers Theatre

    Named the 46th Street Theatre when it opened in 1925, the Richard Rodgers Theatre was given its current name in 1990 in honor of the legendary composer. The building was designed by Irwin Chanin, a construction 9)mogul who 10)went on to build a number of Broadway theaters. Because Chanin grew up poor, he wanted to give audiences a more democratic experience. To do this, he created a single entrance for all theatergoers—other theaters had separate entrances for those with cheap and expensive tickets—and introduced stadium-style seating that gave everyone in the audience a good view of the stage. Over the years, the Richard Rodgers has hosted more
    LG Tony-winning plays than any other theater, including Guys and Dolls , Damn Yankees , How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and Hamilton .


    理查羅傑斯劇院於1925 年剛啟用時名為第46 街劇院,於1990 年改名,以紀念傳奇作曲家理查羅傑斯。這座建築由爾文錢寧設計,他是後來興建許多百老匯劇院的建築大亨。由於錢寧從小家境貧困,他想給觀眾更好的體驗,為此他為所有觀眾打造單一入口—其他劇院分別為購買便宜和昂貴門票的觀眾設置不同的入口—並設計體育場式的座位,讓每一位觀眾都有良好的舞台視野。多年來,理查羅傑斯劇院上演的東尼獎戲劇比其他劇院還要多,包括《紅男綠女》、《失魂記》、《一步登天》和《漢密爾頓》。

    1) remodel [ri`m3d4l] (v.) 裝修,整修
    2) legendary [`l5d.4n´d5ri] (a.) 傳奇的,著名的
    3) junkyard [`d.9;k´j3rd] (n.) 廢物堆積場
    4) setting [`s5t6;] (n.) 佈景,環境,背景
    5) elegance [`5lEgEns] (n.) 優雅,典雅
    6) spacious [`spe]4s] (a.) 寬敞的,寬廣的
    7) auditorium [´7dI`toriEm] (n.) 禮堂,演講聽,音樂廳
    8) large-scale [`l3rd.`skel] (a.) 大規模的
    9) mogul [`mogEl] (n.) 巨擘,大亨
    10) go on(+to V.) [go 3n] (phr.) 後來做(某事)

    Lunt-Fontanne Theater

    Originally named the Globe after LG Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, the Lunt-Fontanne was designed by the Beaux-Arts architecture firm of Carrère and Hastings, famous for buildings like the New York Public Library. Considered one of Broadway’s most beautiful theaters when it opened in 1910, the building was admired for its Beaux-Arts façade and ItalianRenaissance interior.
    Unfortunately, the Italian Renaissance 1)décor was removed when the theater was remodeled in 1958, which is when it was renamed the Lunt-Fontanne after the famous husband and wife acting team of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. The theater hosted dramatic plays in its early days, but now shows mostly musicals—like The Sound of Music , Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid .


    朗特方譚劇院的名稱最初沿用莎士比亞的劇院,也就是位於倫敦的環球劇場。這座劇院是由卡里爾與哈斯汀的布雜藝術建築公司設計,他們的知名作品包括紐約市立圖書館。1910 年劇院啟用時,被認為是百老匯最漂亮的劇院之一,布雜藝術風格的外觀和義大利文藝復興風格的內部設計令人讚嘆。不幸的是,劇院在1958年整修時,已將義大利文藝復興風格的內部裝潢拆除,劇院也在整修後改名為朗特方譚劇院,紀念知名的演員夫婦艾弗雷德朗特和琳恩方譚。劇院早期上演戲劇,但現在大部分演出歌舞劇,例如《真善美》、《美女與野獸》和《小美人魚》。

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